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Stayin in UK

Stayin in UK

Well in a last minute plot twist sent down by devil or god, I got a job at Amazon here in the UK.

So Im still here and will be until Im not then, I reckon.

I started my new position as “Sortation Associate” last week and let me tell ya, its a far cry from my former career as an auditor.

In a relative way, it kinda reminds me of that land in Pinocchio where all the hoodlum kids go after they’ve been caught smokin. Where they turn into Donkeys n shit.

But Im still shielded by the whole, ‘Im in England and its all about the experience bruh”, so I don’t mind.

An arsehole line-boss is merely an observation, like Im a note-taker in a worldly case study.

And Im fukin-A happy to be earning again. ‘Something’ is a 100 percent gain on ‘nothing’. And it tourniquets the hemorrhaging gash in savings.

Im also cognizant of all the folks out there that have lost so much more throughout this traumatic year… so while this new income streamer isn’t exactly ideal, I am humbly grateful.

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