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Month: March 2024

Bruichladdich – The Organic 2020

A wild youngster throwing elbows in the mosh pit – but also has an appreciation for ska.

  • Bruichladdich
  • 50 percent
  • Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Non chill filtered
  • No color added (I believe)
  • 8 year

Nose: Watermelon, banana, peach, pear, lime, over ripened melon, faint hint of cocoa, orange peel, green apple, butterscotch

Taste: Raisin, chocolate, smallest hint of tiramisu, banana, vanilla, cantaloupe

Quite a flamethrower when you first crack the bottle, but it simmers down over time as the air sorts out the temper. Its age forever locks away much smoothness, but it beams in character – suggesting that another 8 years in the cask might have maximized its potential. With a little water and patience however. it becomes quite the pleasant experience. With a complex bevy of notes to decipher on the front, and a contemplative finish that lingers.  Its simple presentation of lightness in color and no frills packaging underscores its brute confidence. 

Overall score:  6.75 out of 10

Dewars 12 Year

A prop whiskey. 

  • Dewars
  • 40 percent
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
  • Likely chill filtered
  • Likely color added
  • 12 year

Nose: Subtle hints of prune, kiwi, mango, faint bit of Elmers glue.

Taste: Extremely mild flavors with very little heat. Sweet and citrusy on the front end, tiny hint of banana and vanilla with a quick decline into general periphery with some added bitterness. 

Without question an entry level dram built for purpose. Like a White Zin, the flavors are vague beyond sweet. It is also watery. So watery in fact that I found myself wondering if it would have any negative impact on an actor who bottomed it up for a movie scene. That isn’t all that bad though. It is a whiskey with training wheels, a helmet on a treadmill. A starting line for someone to cautiously step into the world of whiskeys from. It might also be a good trainer spirit for a learning mixologist. 

Overall score: 4/10 + 1 for being a gift from family. So 5/10