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Month: July 2022

Croucher & Co Periodical / Suntory Whisky Toki

An unlikely pairing of a Scottish lowland single malt and middle Japan blended whisky yields an interesting voyage into famiiar flavours. 

Periodical – Oloroso Barrel
Nose: Pronounced banana, honey, orange rind, hints of apricot, vanilla, and mixed fruit
Age: 14 years
Region: Lowlands (Loch Lomand)
ABV: 50%
Pallate: Spicey vanilla, boiled fruits, watercress, sea salt
Finish: Long, with very little bitterness. Doesnt dry the mouth, shallow depth of melon flavors.
Source: Purchased form Valhalla’s Goat in Glasgow<

I am learning that whiskys I initially dont like tend to grow on me as I make my way through the bottle. I am the same way with music, actually. I recall that many a favorite song today was a tune I initially cared very little for until I ‘got it’. I think some aspect of that plays into my still juvenile journey of appreciating good drams… but there is no doubt something else going on. Oxygen i reckon. The venom like potency of this Periodical spirit softens over time. The more air that replaces the liquid in the bottle, the more tame it becomes. I suppose this is why a tasting legend like Ralfy always articulates that patience is the master key toward enjoying a good whisky, going as far as to recommend that one should wait at least one minute for each year listed on a bottle’s age statement prior to tasting. So 21 year Balvenie should sit in its glass for 21 minutes before it is experienced. Periodical benefits greatly from some time with the windows down. However, at 50% ABV it is still a handful after using Ralfy’s formula. Indeed, it is  a very hot drink out the gate. Enter a second technique, the controlled introduction of water.  Interestingly, Periodical has a glass jaw when it comes to water. A drop too many and you instantly get a hazy bathtub of worn, stretched flavours of no value. Get the balance right however, and you’ll break through the fire and into a corner of delightfully rewarding flavors. Periodical’s flavor profile does not contain much depth. however, it is the voyage to get there that makes the experience worthwhile.  At 50% ABV, Periodical is the strongest bottle of Scottish whisky I’ve had yet. It is a unique dram, and one that seems geared entirely for those who’ve been through the introductions already. For the rest of us, it might take a few jams on the headphones before we can actually ‘get it’.

Rating: 6.5/10

Suntory Whisky Toki
Nose: Citrus flavors, vanilla extract, ripe cantelope, hint of lemon drop
Age: No age statement (Blended whisky)
ABV: 43%
Palate: Floral, Hints of fig, honey, pear, vanilla
Finish: coasting finish of diminshing flavours, a bit dry towards the end, but overall pleasing through its course.

A smooth blend that is extremely welcoming, both in its flavor profile and its smooth delivery. At 43% it is a cut above most blends Ive had in its price range, and it is simple to enjoy. At its heart is a soothing sweet charm that that somehow manages to be almost perfectly balanced. At 43 percent it retainsa nip out of the cask, and allows for a bit of water to assit in accessibility. It really is almost too easy. to enjoy. Its only shortcoming  is that there is very little depth of flavor for me. It says what it says at the beginning (very sweet , affable whatnots) then sits down shly until the next sip. This was a very nice bottle to enjoy along with the Periodical. They both have similar characteristics, but deliver them defferently. One with the fire of a short tempered Spanish brunette (that wants you in the sack), and the other with a much more courteous approach. But almost so much as to they become invisible amongst the rest of the crowd.

Rating: 6.5/10