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Dewars 12 Year

Dewars 12 Year

A prop whiskey. 

  • Dewars
  • 40 percent
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
  • Likely chill filtered
  • Likely color added
  • 12 year

Nose: Subtle hints of prune, kiwi, mango, faint bit of Elmers glue.

Taste: Extremely mild flavors with very little heat. Sweet and citrusy on the front end, tiny hint of banana and vanilla with a quick decline into general periphery with some added bitterness. 

Without question an entry level dram built for purpose. Like a White Zin, the flavors are vague beyond sweet. It is also watery. So watery in fact that I found myself wondering if it would have any negative impact on an actor who bottomed it up for a movie scene. That isn’t all that bad though. It is a whiskey with training wheels, a helmet on a treadmill. A starting line for someone to cautiously step into the world of whiskeys from. It might also be a good trainer spirit for a learning mixologist. 

Overall score: 4/10 + 1 for being a gift from family. So 5/10

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