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Month: May 2022

Four on the floor

Tonight I am polishing off 4 bottles of dram. A Clynelish 14 year, a Mortlach Rare Old, a Chivas Regal XV Balmain, and an Arran Barrel Reserve.

Mortlach Old Rarebig hat for the cattle.
Type: Single Malt
Age: No Age Statement
Region: Highlands/Speyside (east coast)
ABV: 43.4%
Pros: All rounder, allows for quick acclimation to its character, lovely bottle
Cons: No age statement, colour likely added, chill filtered, short finish, shallow depth
Nose: Scent of lemon, salt, vanilla spice, passion fruit
Taste: Dates, a bit of raisin  and vanilla, overripened fruits, chocolate, a bit of peatiness, and nippy for 40% abv
Finish: Leaves the mouth dry but physically watery
Comments: While it does deliver on some nice overall flavours, none of them quite possess the depth needed to impart a lasting impression. However, this lovely little bottle was a suprise gift from my Father in Law for my 47th birthday, which propels this to an all time fav. 6/10 + 4 in sentimental value

Chivas Regal XV Balmain – a notable blend after some time.
Type: Single Malt
Age: 15
Region: Highlands/Speyside
ABV: 40%
Pros: A decent bttle of dram for the price point
Cons: Colour likely added, chill filtered, nice flavours but fade very quickly, plastic bottle cap
Nose: Scent of lemon, salt, vanilla spice, passion fruit
Taste: Dates, a bit of raisin  and vanilla, figs, melon, cool on the bite
Finish: A nice lingering of the same flavours that seems to develop into a faint floral sweetness
Comments: A medley of sweet flavours that culminate into a satisfying experience. No water necessary but a small taster spoon also doesnt take away from it. 6/10

Arran Barrel Reserve – not nearly to my fancy as the 10 year, but still chum-worthy
Type: Single Malt
Age: No Age Statement
Region: Highlands/Lowland divide/Isle
ABV: 43%
Pros: A peaty addition to the Arran collection, natural color,  smooth and mildly complex
Cons: No chill filter statement, seems a bit young, not quite on the maturity mark
Nose: sea salt, passion fruit, apple, vanilla spice, mango and pear
Taste: A nice echo of the nose, with the vanilla ripened fruit bcoming more pronounced as it develops, a bit of peach and a taste of peat.
Finish: Best finish of the bunch so far, with a gradual fade into  subtle vanilla and maple creaminess.
Comments: While not as mature or a impressionable as the legendary 10 year Arran, this bottle stand on its own as a quality bottle for its low price point. 6/10

Clynelish 14 – the Alpha of the bunch
Type: Single Malt
Age: 14
Region: Highlands
ABV: 46%
Pros: The most quaiity for price I have had in recent memory.
Cons: No chill filter statement, no colour statement
Nose: Wonderful aroma of butterscotch, sea salt, caramel, and mixed fruits, apricot melon, and orange specifically.
Taste: Rich, sweet notes compared to the other spirits in this list.It just covers the tongue in floral notes, butter, faint toffee, hints of cocao, and more. 
Finish: Apple peach, apricot, banana, 
Comments: This little tasting adventure truly ended on the best note that it could have. The Clynelish dwarves the other drams in just about every facet of its expression.A long smooth finish a beautilful balance of alcohol and flavour, a wonderful nose. An absolute joy of an experience. 8.5/10