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Quarantine Books Part II

Quarantine Books Part II

A terrific book that I bought here in London about two years ago. I let my Mother borrow it and she couldn’t put it down. Im happy to say that I couldn’t either. This book is an interesting character study of an eccentric middle aged woman  who must cope with the  struggle of day-to-day life while under the insufferable shadow of a deeply tragic childhood. We see the world through her eyes as she pushes forward, meeting a host of characters along the way, each tied to a crescendo of experiences.  4/5

A tale of a girl who loses everything in England, and must relocate to Africa to live with her grandmother on a wild game reserve, where poachers are a constant threat to the animals. Her new life begins in a big way, as she discovers a knack for the supernatural, and develops a special bond with a mythical-like giraffe. This is a very nice get-away book that is great for older children. 4/5

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