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In Loving Memory of Scott Lanphear

In Loving Memory of Scott Lanphear

I lost a brother this month (Jan 12). Although not by blood, he was kin by just about every other measure. There is a certain level of rare friendship you reach with a person where time and distance no longer have much impact on the sum of the relationship. Scottie was one of those people. Over the past few years we didnt get to see eachother much, but when we did – up there in Merkel Texas – it was like the good ol’ days when we were together all the time. He was a mountain of a man with a heart of pure gold. Scottie had the amazing ability to light up a room wherever he went. Our friendship spanned almost 30 years.

He left a world that was truly better off with him in it.

Scottie was probably the biggest fan of an old band I was in from 10 or so years ago called 12 Gauge Strings. His favorite song was called “The Window”, which he would post periodically on social media. It is an existential tune that is hopeful that we all might meet up again one day on the other side.
It is your song now buddy.

The Window – Lyrics by Kati (Weldon) Horton

It’s 3 am and I’m lookin’ out my window

I realize that this life is passin’ me by

This life is fadin’ fast, As I journey back

Down the road that I’ve come along so far

I used to think that I had forever

To do the things that I wanted to get done

But forever is snatched away, at any moment of any day

I’ll never know when my day might come

Will I see you when I get there

Will it be the same as it is here

Will we pick up with life

Where we left off

Will the pain go away that I try to hide

Will the end result be worth the ride

And can I be sure that I’ll see you on the other side

Will I want to go if I find out they won’t be there

They’ve made my life what it is today

The other side just won’t suit me

Cuz my friends are a part of me

We’ll make this time worth each and every day

Nah nahs FOREVER

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