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Glengoyne 18 Single Malt

Glengoyne 18 Single Malt

A pleasurable experience on the front end, but falls a bit short in the rear.

Purchased at the Glengoyne distillery in August of 2021. Opened early 2022, and finished on the 25th of April 2022. Price was apx 140 GBP.

Expressions also enjoyed during this time were Arran 10 year, GlenAllarchie 15, Arran Barrel Reserve, Chivas Regal XV Balmain, and Arran Cream Liquor.

Pros: Festive and warm with friendly character.
Cons: Chill filtered, color added, pricey for what it delivers

Nose: Light vanilla, raisin, light citrus
Taste: Chocolate, christmas spices, sweet, a distant, slight peatiness, marangue
Finish: Bitter, dry, with a touch of oily lemon on the upper register, seems incomplete as it falls rapidly.

Additional notes: Located just outside of Glasgow, the beautiful Glengoyne distillery is small and intimate. The staff are lovely and the tour is informative and memorable. The drive to the distillery passes through beautiful scottish countryside and quaint chocolate box towns along the way. The distillery also sits right between the Highand/Lowland regions, with the road to get there dividing the two. In fact, the warehouse sits across the road from the distillery, making Glengoyne a scotch made in the highlands and aged in the lowlands.

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