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Had a bit of a bender last night with one of my flatmates, Kris. The fella knows how to make a fine Old Fashioned. Anyways, during our escapade, we talked UFC fights (since Connor McGreggor is fighting), how to find Betelgeuse1, grind-core bands2, the Norwegian black metal feuds, and much more Im sure. We also played some nice rounds of poker. I came out ahead, and I fully attribute this to playing Waylon Jennings in the background

Fast forward to tonight. We planned on catching the McGreggor fight tonight via streaming service. The problem is that here in Glasgow, the main event is somewhere around 5AM, and now we are both too shattered from last night’s excesses to stay up.

1take the three stars that form the line of Orion’s belt, if you look straight up from the leftmost star in the line you’ll see a red star – that’s Betelgeuse. Also, the plough on the big dipper points to Polaris (aka N. star).

2his favorite is Behemoth

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