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Eight Bells and Top Masts

Eight Bells and Top Masts

Finished a great book today, Eight Bells and Top Masts by Christopher Lee. It is the book of a young seaman, still in his teens, taking to the water as a crew member aboard the Tramp, an old steam driven freight ship with routes spanning around the globe, top and bottom. On the way we get an idea of what life is like out there, especially when you’re a rookie amongst a seasoned crew. We also get a glimpse of the world as it were during the time period our sailor is in, the early 1950s.

The best way I can describe this book is, if you’ve ever opened up an old National Geographic magazine – like from the 1970’s and back – and got lost in its sepia-toned pages of new worlds abroad, old (but then, new) car brochures and the occasional cigarette advertisement, then this book is for you. The historical events that take place come alive and pull you in, all from the eyes of this real-life young lad, who is now an old man.

Most importantly, this book contains an underlying wisdom that is chock full of meaningful takeaways, in quotes, perspectives, encounters, and more.

I highly recommend this book.

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