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Celebrated four days of no smoke or drink last night by heading to the Village square with smoke and drink. Jammed some tunes and had a nice time despite some frosty weather.

Met a Romanian fellar named Andrew. “Im from the place where Dracula was from” he said, with a heavy emphasis on the “u” in Dracula, Like ‘Drag-EW-lah’.

Really nice guy. Liked the Texas jams that were emanating from my phone.

That is the one and only time Ill ever run into that chap however, as he was enjoying his last beer in England that night before hitching a ride with a friend the following morning for a move back to Romania.

From what I gathered – his accent was tough to follow at times – he moved to the UK about two or three years ago after spending a decade in Italy.

Here, he worked at a restaurant called Wagamama1 at the Gatwick airport2. I think he said he was moving due to work drying up. He was excited to see his family, and looking forward to the beautiful country drive through Western Europe.

1 Wagamama is supposed to be a really nice noodle restaurant
2 located South of London




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